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Vietnam´s Smart City Development

Sharing our opinion about Vietnam´s Smart City Development on Vietnam News: Vietnam is one of the fastest growing economies worldwide and will definitely become one of Asia`s leading centers of smart services, startups and innovation. Cities can save billions of US-Dollars a year in energy costs by deciding for smart solutions.

Our collaboration with 108 Military Central Hospital

Dear Friends and Partners, We hope you stay healthy and sound! We are starting now our collaboration with Facility Management Department of 108 Military Central Hospital in Hanoi, Vietnam on water treatment solutions. Our focus is to offer solutions that are Salt-Free, Chemical-Free, Maintenance-Free, Magnetism-Free and improve cost efficiency. We are very excited about this […]

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Đổi mới cơ sở vật chất: Cửa, Khóa an toàn và thông minh

Một ngày nọ tôi tình cờ đọc được một trang quảng cáo khá ấn tượng của ASSA ABLOY trên Tạp chí chuyên nghành Công nghệ An Ninh và Bảo mật kinh tế (Sicherheitstechnik and Wirstchafschutz) do Tổ chức Hiệp hội liên bang CHLB Đức các Doanh nghiệp trong lĩnh vực An Ninh kinh tế phát […]

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Shift to SMART & GREEN building concept
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Facility Management Planning

Scope of Work: Definition of strategic goals Creation FM concept Identification of the fields of action for FM-compliant planning Creation of the operating cost calculation Creation of the operating manual Listing of the user manual Job descriptions Development of the training concept Coaching of employees Project management  

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